Products & Services

  1. Enterprise Solutions
  2. Media Management
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Hosting Solution’s
  5. Designing
  6. Web Development

Enterprise Solutions

Integrated Units offers enterprise-wide solutions rather than departmental ones. We provide automated solutions for enterprise content management, IT service management, enterprise resource planning, human resource management and the like for smoother running of entrepreneurial operations. The complexity of these tools requires specialist capabilities and specific knowledge and IU takes pride in its fully equipped team of sedulous members. We provide you with tailor-made solutions to fit your need and remain with you till you reap the crop. The IU team strives to bring perfection in your office automation needs.

Media Management

Be it documents and files or videos and animations, all digital assets need a system to manage them. We aim at providing media management system to access the digital assets easily and maintain them at your fingertips. Our media system helps you store the assets in a refined systematic way where they are centralized and approached comfortably. These specific systems designed to perpetuate the easy access of digital assets give effortless retrieval and archiving options which make things far better and procurable. It’s our goal to design on-demand media asset management system for the customers.

Mobile Development

The world today is a click away either on the personal computer or a mobile phone: a fact that has provoked IU team to launch its expertise in the field of mobile phone applications to make the phone usage more swift and easy. We design mobile applications to support your web solutions and provide platforms that can work as efficiently on the mobile phone as on a non-mobile device.

We, affirmatively, create applications that are devoid of any security loopholes and our clients enjoy the bug-free applications comfortably. Our specialists work with iOS, Android and Windows which enables us to grab larger market of clients.

Hosting Solutions

A platform is mandatory for uplifting your business of any field. IU specializes in designing platforms and developing them in accordance to your requirements. Our video sharing platforms shall enable you to entertain millions of viewers in a go without any hassle. The scalability of our platforms in expandable from single server to multiple and lets you experience swift video streaming all the way. The platforms designed by our web engineers have high efficient compatibility of accommodating multiple servers to meet the stipulation of elastic storage. We ascertain the quality and speed of our custom-made products from scratch till finish.


They say first impression is the last impression and they are quite right. Not only people admire beautification of their self but anything that has even a minute chance of getting viewership which promptly adds websites to the list. The times we are living in, people remember the eye-catching colors, designs, logos, monograms and schemes. A website is a personification of the item it’s representing and that’s where we come in; to represent you in the most alluring way possible. We specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing outlooks for your websites as per your requirement and demand.

Web Development

The designers at IU toil to shape your ideas as you want them to be seen by millions of users globally. We offer our expertise in front end development using the latest technologies of HTML,

CSS, JQUERY and the like. Our IU team specializes in responsive designs development where your website is capable of adjusting to multiple resolutions and not losing its integrity. We put in the best of our effort in converting the clients’ ideas into a see able product from its inception till completion and make sure of its validity just the way our client has demanded it.